About Lauren Deaver

“I have an admission for you!” I share with one of the Blake 11 interns as I jot the patient’s name and medical record number on the board. The resident workroom on MGH’s 24-bed inpatient med-psych unit is bustling. Interns are writing notes, placing calls, and working through the day’s task list. One of the medical students reviews a new patient’s chart, preparing to help interview. As a second year resident, I’m assigning cases, staffing new admissions with the interns, and helping with various tasks. The six-week rotation is busy. With a variety of interesting and complex cases, attendings dedicated to teaching, and the chance to support interns and medical students, opportunities to work on developing as a physician and psychiatrist are fast-paced and plentiful.

As an intern, psychiatry rotations included McLean’s Clinical Evaluation Center (admissions unit) and a 3-month rotation on Blake 11, with majority of my time spent on pediatrics (as a child-track intern). Transitioning to psychiatry full-time is exciting. Though I’ve only done one rotation at this point, I’m looking forward to the next year. From emergency evaluations in the Acute Psychiatric Service, to engaging patients in community settings, to rotating through several of McLean’s programs including units specializing in psychotic disorders, adolescent, geriatrics, and addiction, there is so much to learn. What has impressed me most on each rotation so far is the sense of teamwork, passion, and kindness displayed at all levels, from intern to attending. Days are fast-paced, with many new challenges. But the support, humor, friendship, and deep care for patients of my co-residents, and many others, has made residency an overall positive experience.

Outside of set rotations, there’s also a wide and easily accessible network of mentors, projects, and additional opportunities in any area imaginable. Prior to medical school, I taught third grade in rural Mississippi. My experiences there shaped a deep desire to serve children and families through a career in child and adolescent psychiatry. The combined child-track program at MGH/McLean seemed to perfectly fit on the interview trail as a medical student. To further develop my education interests, I recently joined the Clinician Educator Program and look forward to engaging in medical education-related projects.

While the array of things to see and do could certainly keep my busy 24/7, it’s not all work. My husband and I have loved getting to know the Boston area. Whether we’re hiking one of the local state parks with our dog, trying a new brewery, or taking a day trip to the beach, there’s always something exciting to do. Boston has become home and my co-residents have become family over the last year!

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