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Trainees directly examine issues of culture and diversity during the core longitudinal Sociocultural Psychiatry seminar series.


Topics include culture as a multidimensional construct, exploring our own multidimensional cultural identity, social determinants of psychiatric illness, case discussions stressing DSM cultural formulation, spirituality, the history of mistakes in psychiatry, minority stress theory and intersectionality, sexuality and gender identity, and global psychiatric epidemiology, among many others.

The Sociocultural Content Team that develops and modifies these didactics is comprised of both faculty and residents, thereby enabling rapid identification and implementation of changes and updates in response to evolving resident and community interests and needs. Residents are appreciative of both the concrete topic content presented through lectures as well as the opportunity to engage in exploratory conversations during these seminars.

Sociocultural Didactic Series

Community Psychiatry Didactic Series


  • What’s in a name? Introduction to the sociocultural psychiatry lecture series

  • Culture as multidimensional construct

  • ADDRESSING: Describing your multidimensional cultural identity

  • Culture in the hospital

  • Racism, Justice, and Community Mental Health

  • Introduction to Structural Competency

  • Homelessness

  • Recovery and Lived Experience

  • History of Community Psychiatry


  • Global psychiatric epidemiology

  • Social determinants of psychiatric illness

  • The other side of normal

  • DSM5 Cultural formulation interview and culture-bound syndromes

  • Cultural cases

  • Racism, Justice, and Community Mental Health

  • US Mental Health Policy

  • Ethics in Public and Community Psychiatry

  • Treating PTSD in Community Settings

  • Advocacy: Social Justice

  • Advocacy: Immigration Policy and Family Separation

  • Disparities and Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health


  • Spirituality seminar

  • History of Mistakes in Psychiatry

  • Criticisms of Psychiatry

  • Social determinants of psychiatric illness

  • When race gets personal in the hospital

  • Credibility vs overidentification in the psychiatric encounter

  • Minority stress theory, internalized prejudice, and links to psychiatry

  • Shared Decision-Making

  • Recovery and Risk

  • US Mental Health Policy

  • Panel on Health Advocacy

  • Trauma and Community Collaborations

  • Trauma and Marginalized Populations

  • Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care

  • Structural Competency

  • Racism, Justice, and Community Mental Health: Thinking about Privilege

This curriculum spans the course of the residency program and is a result of resident-led advocacy and strong support from the faculty and administration. The curriculum has expanded opportunities for residents to spearhead critical issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department and has facilitated their growth as clinicians and medical educators.

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