About Lauren Deaver

As an intern, PGY-4 often felt like a distant year that I would not be completing for a long, long
time. Now, as graduation approaches and co-residents are actively planning for the what comes
after, it feels as if the last several years have passed in a moment. While there is always much
to continue to learn, the robust clinical experiences across the emergency room, inpatient,
consult, and outpatient/community clinic sites have helped hone interests and build skills that
leave me feeling more excited than apprehensive as I plan for graduation and next steps.
Unlike the more structured rotations of previous years, PGY-4 is made up almost entirely of
elective time which provides the opportunity to tailor the year to residents’ specific interests. As
a resident in the MGH/McLean Combined Adult/Child track, I decided to remain for PGY-4 and
start fellowship as a PGY-5 in order to take further advantage of the many experiences that the
program has to offer. My goals for the year where to continue to develop
leadership/administrative experience and to dive more deeply into medical education interests.
This year I am one (of two) Blake 11 Inpatient Psychiatry Chief residents. Blake 11 is the
inpatient med-psych unit where medical students, interns, and PGY-2s rotate. The chief role
includes creating/managing the schedule for trainees, supervising and staffing cases with junior
residents, meeting regularly with junior residents to discuss experiences on the unit/collect
feedback and working with unit leadership on various projects. In developing more depth of
medical education experience, I have continued to participate in the Clinician Educator
Program, as well as co-leading the PGY-3 Human Development didactic series, and designing
and delivering several didactic sessions to a variety of learners including psychiatry residents,
psychology interns, pediatric residents, and medical students. I also continue to see cases in
the resident MGH outpatient clinic, where I have a caseload of about 30 patients, a few of whom
I see for psychotherapy as well as psychopharmacology. Regular meetings with supervisors,
weekly didactics and a variety of other departmental lecture series like Grand Rounds and M&M
round out the week for continued learning and thought-provoking discussions throughout the
Of the many experiences over the last year, what I continue to appreciate, learn from, and feel
inspired by is the sense of teamwork, passion, and kindness that residents and others bring to
each day. Days are fast-paced, there are often new challenges but the support, humor,
friendship, and deep care for patients has made residency an overall positive experience.
While the array of things to see and do could certainly keep me busy 24/7, it’s not all work. My
husband and I had a daughter during PGY-3 year. She is now a delightful, quite feisty toddler
(current nickname: Boss Baby) who keeps us on our toes! We enjoy exploring the local
playgrounds, chasing our dog around the yard, and sampling all local coffee shops along the
way. We also love to get together with co-residents- many who have also had children over the
last year! Boston has become home. While the ending of residency and saying goodbye will be
bittersweet, I am so excited to start the MGH/McLean CAP Fellowship and continue to see what
the journey brings.

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